Urban re-contruction, Parque del Sur – Malaga, Spain

The neighborhood chosen for this group project (junior year 2009/2010) was Parque del Sur, in the northern area of the city of Málaga. It presents a lot of different levels and elevations in a very limited space, what makes it quite difficult to go across the buildings. The proposal works together with the existing apartment blocks to guarantee the accessibility.

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As we can see in the section, the existing topography turns into four levels: two dedicated exclusively to pedestrians and retail outlets, one to sport courts and another one to traffic/pedestrians. This way, cars don’t affect the living of the neighbors and so business is promoted. The ground floors of the buildings are donated to the community to make vertical communications easier.

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The pavement shows us the activities and relationships that take place in every level: a more complex design is used on those with more traffic, a simpler one on the rest areas.

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