Master BIM – House 2H

While I was working on my dissertation I decided to take some time to study a Master BIM in 24studioLAB in Madrid. Revit architecture, Revit structure, Revit M.E.P., Navishwork and Ecotect are learnt through a common project to practice how the new BIM coordination system is employed in real life. We learnt how to interact with the architecture, structure and m.e.p. design at a 2D and a 3D level at the same time, how to create revit families according to parameters, how to check the compatibility or interference of the different mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on Naviswork, how to build more efficiently thanks to Ecotect, how to coordinate the phases of the project on Revit…

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The dissertation of the Master consisted on the BIM coordination, through all the softwares already mentioned, of an existing house. I decided to choose the House 2H (Truong An architecture and 23o5Studio) because it has an affordable surface and volume while a lot of different situations are represented on it.

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The house is located in Vietnam and distributed in four levels: a basement where the garage is located, the ground floor where we find the living room and kitchen, the first floor holding the bedrooms and finally on top the resting areas. As we see on the sections, the interior patios connect all the rooms thanks to the open spaces, so that the house is understood as a whole volume.

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All the elements, families (windows, door, furniture…) were created by myself from scratch. As we can see, I worked on both the 2D and 3D levels, renderings, structure and m.e.p. design, but also on the layout of the drawings.

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The layouts combine floor plans, sections, models, renders, windows keys, details, charts and lists, structure and m.e.p. plans… They are a good example of how BIM affects all the phases of a project, from the sketch to the construction details.

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