Flexible housing, La Trinidad – Malaga, Spain

During my sophomore year of Architecture (2008/2009) I had to work on flexible housing and how to regenerate a whole neighborhood through this new housing type. The site was located among many cultural and social facilities: the ‘Santísima Trinidad’ church, the ‘Trinidad’ monastery, the ‘Bailén’ market or the hospital, what would help in the improvement of the area. After reading about the characteristics of these new residences, two types of apartments are outlined. The first one has two versions, depending on the areas, with just the kitchen and bathroom permanent on the center of the floor plan. Around these walls are located according to the user’s need: bedroom, study and living room; two bedrooms and living room…

taller 4_1.0.1

The second option is based on a duplex apartment, with the stairs permanent in one of the ends of the plan too. Just like in the one-floor house, the user can arrange the distribution as its will. The duplexes hook up to simplify the design of the whole building.

taller 4_1.0.2

In this diagram the permanency of the kitchen and bathroom is shown. Also, how the location of the other rooms changes.

taller 4_1.0.3

In this other diagram I tried to show how light would affect the living of the inhabitants.

taller 4_1.0.4

Here are some images from the model:




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