New typology in the urban structure – Malaga, Spain

The location of this project (2008/2009) is the downtown area of Malaga, in one of the many empty spaces in the area, where is essential not only the development of a new residential type but also the accommodation of the new building to the surroundings. With both façades align to the public streets, the proposal tries to keep the esthetic continuity of the historic neighborhood, updating the materials and the style to what is trend.

taller 4_3.3.1

The ground floor shows the central patio, where the main rooms from the apartment lean over. This tries to allow natural lighting to go inside the building and generates a public space that characterizes the area and helps with the creation of a community among neighbors.

taller 4_3.1.1taller 4_3.1.2

As you get close to the apartments themselves, you realize there are different types according to surface, to accept all kind of families, but all of them have the same structure: hallway to the inside, rooms to the outside with terraces in front of them.

taller 4_3.3.2

Flexible housing was a requirement for the project and so the bathrooms are located strategically to demarcate the space between the hallway and the rooms, so that every user can design the interior arrangement of its home: as we can see in these two floor plans, designed for different types of families just through the interior walls layout. the kitchen stays always in one of the sides of the distribution, so that it can have natural lighting too.

taller 4_3.3.3

Finally you can find here some images of the model.



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